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We provide total anonymity; your profile is never revealed to your lender.

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Better Rates

Our latest product offers borrowers a better interest rate, based on their level of risk, calculated by our advanced algorithms.

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We believe in a fair financial landscape for all, and our approach to lending embodies this belief.

Our platform offers a straightforward, dignified borrowing experience, grounded in the principles of ethical lending. We ensure our borrowers receive loans that are not only accessible but also reasonable and transparent. This commitment to fairness is at the heart of our mission to promote financial inclusion across the UK.

Whether you're managing unexpected expenses or funding personal aspirations, our platform provides a safe, respectful, and supportive environment for your financial needs.

Our lending process is fully automated and takes no account of protected characteristics such as gender or race. Join us on our journey to make fair credit a reality for everyone in the UK!

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The Money Platform won the financial inclusion award and was nominated for the ethical lender of the year in 2023

How it works?

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Application & Soft Credit Check

Borrowers apply directly or via a third-party comparison website. The process is straightforward and user-friendly. After submitting personal details, we will proceed with a soft credit check. This check, combined with the TMP scorecard, enables us to determine the borrower’s affordability for a loan. This credit check does not impact their credit score but is essential to ensure that we are adhering to responsible lending practices.

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Loan Approval

If successful, our loan offer will be displayed for the borrower. Loan offers are valid for 30 days, giving you enough time to make a decision on what loan amount and duration will be best for you without rushing

Cash waiting to be transferred to a borrower account


Funds Transferred

Funds will be transferred from one of our registered Lenders to you upon the completion of a KYC check (passport or driving licence). This helps ensure a safe and secure lending process for all parties involved. The anonymised loan contract and instalment schedule is created at this point and will remain accessible throughout the duration of the loan via the online dashboard.

A pie chart which represents the different instalment amounts.


Instalments Collected Automatically

Instalments will be automatically collected by TMP on the contractual payment dates. Should the borrower encounter any financial difficulty, our customer service team will always be available to assist.

TMP Score

The TMP score being calculated as per The Money Platform's ethical lending practices.

Credit score's do not provide us with a fair assessment of your finances, so we’ve developed our very own TMP scorecard to assess your credit worthiness.

Looking to the future, the scorecard will continue to improve as we find new ways to optimise the data and give more people access to credit.

By leveraging data, we’re proud to have issued over 80,000 loans since 2016.

Many of these loans may never have been written without the use of our very own scorecard.

35,000+ Users

Reviews & Testimonials

We’re rated 5* on Trust Pilot, read some of the highlights below. 

I have been lending for some time now and have issued over 300 Loans.Whilst this is a higher risk investment, as clearly explained on the website, I think the product is easy to get your head around and am glad to be able to earn a healthy return whilst adding competition to an overlooked area of the lending space.I am thankful for the new Lender Statistics Page which has helped my understanding of my investment.



I have used TMP twice now and both times the funds have been received quickly when needed. Also when I wasn’t able to make a payment due to knee surgery the team were very helpful in allowing me to change my payment date to when I would have funds available to pay. The replies to my queries were also answered considerably quicker, a lot quicker than I expected to be honest. A great company to deal with all round.



Great company that cares about its clients!! The best customer service experience I have had in years!!! They have been able to meet my requests or date changes every time. Great product, excellent service!

Delia Druantia


Have been a lender on the platform for 7 years and have always received first class customer service. Reported issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.



Extremely helpful customer service, always go above and beyond. The service is the best value in times of need and I highly recommended